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Spindrift Marketing is a Sydney based marketing consultancy helping established and startup businesses to better understand, reach and engage customers.

Our experienced Marketing Consultants work hard to understand your business’s priorities. We take a holistic approach to develop and deliver the right marketing plan for your business. Leveraging the power of digital marketing tools to help get your business from A to B and beyond. 

Let us take care of all your digital marketing, branding and content management needs. 


Why choose Spindrift Marketing?

We’re experienced Sydney based marketing consultants helping businesses achieve better outcomes from digital marketing. We partner with your business, become a virtual part of your team and help you develop and deliver the results you want for your business.


We’re experienced, reliable and affordable. 


  • We always develop and deliver marketing plans and campaigns aligned to your business priorities    
  • We always develop and deliver marketing plans and campaigns that are outcome focused  
  •  We always work within your budget   
  • We always measure the results and ROI   
  •  We value truthful relationships and always say what we do and do what we say  
  •  We always make decisions in the best interests of our clients 
  •  We love sharing our well thought out marketing ideas and seeing our clients achieve results


Spindrift Marketing provides affordable access to senior level digital marketing, branding and content creation specialists.


Do you want to grow your business but don’t have the time, expertise, or inclination to employ an in-house experienced marketing resource? 

If your answer is “YES!”, then we’re the solution you’re after.  Our team of Sydney based marketing consultants expertise covers the entire marketing lifecycle and all marketing channels. We’re all professionally qualified and up to date with latest best practices.   


 At Spindrift Marketing we’ll help your business find a clear path to get from A to B and beyond. We believe although digital marketing has levelled the playing field for small to medium sized businesses, the real trick is identifying and applying the right mix of digital marketing tactics for your business. This is where we come in. We have the expertise to develop and deliver the right marketing plan, leveraging the right digital marketing tactics to make your business potential a reality.”      

Kim MacDonald, Founder of Spindrift Marketing, Sydney.



             Let us support your established or startup business:


 1. Outsource your entire marketing & content to us to manage on a flexible, month by month basis   

 2. Deliver your one-off projects, like building your new website or launching your new product or service    

 3. Run workshop planning and idea generation sessions to help you map out the way forward   

 4. Review your website, brand, past marketing activities to make sure they are getting the best results for your business

 5. Plan your next stage of business growth

 6. Start to build your new business idea or venture



Why not contact us today and find out we could help your business thrive? 

Call us: (02) 8330 6792  OR

email Kim MacDonald:                             


What our clients are saying…

Before we engaged Spindrift Marketing, we had a lot of ideas but they were going in every direction and not always successful. Then we hired Kim from Spindrift Marketing as our marketing manager and she put all our ideas together and added her marketing experience to develop a strategy and marketing program that is now delivered every month by the Spindrift Marketing consulting team. With the help of Spindrift Marketing we are moving in the right direction, our brand and thought leadership content is getting out there in the market and we can see a difference in our sales results.

Sarah Griffin, Principal of MedTechnique Consulting - Experts in medical device reimbursement and market access in Australia.

Kim from Spindrift Marketing is a very professional, articulate, consistent and considered strategist, senior marketer and business leader. With exceptional attention to detail and research, has a strategic skill set and tailors her experience and expertise to her clients needs.

She brings a warmth and sincerity, is a great listener and has helped create and evolve my personal brand from its inception. 

I am absolutely thrilled to have Kim by my side, she has been a great asset to the evolution of my personal brand and I look forward to her continued support as part of my team as my journey moves forward.

Selina Win Pe, Rural & Remote Country Wide Australia Advocate and Speaker.

We have outsourced all of our marketing activity to Spindrift Marketing. They have created a marketing and content plan and are now rolling it out for us each month with ease. We are so happy with the results we are seeing and the increased traffic generated. I would recommend Spindrift Marketing to any business who needs marketing help, they are business marketing experts who understand their client’s individual needs, are easy to work with and effortlessly become a reliable extended member of your team.

Lisa Wagner, Principal of Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers. Family Law is our expertise.

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Spindrift Marketing helps businesses by providing marketing, branding and content management services that deliver results.

Our team of marketing consultants are highly skilled and combine marketing experience with real business insight. We can help your business thrive.


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