Creating copy and content that resonates with your audience and achieves the desired result is a constant challenge for most businesses. With so many competing messages vowing to grab the attention of your audience, its difficult for businesses to cut through the noise.

If you do manage to cut through the noise, you then face the challenge of engaging, inspiring action and delivering results.Its by no means an easy task !  We recently attended a copy and content seminar through the Australian Marketing Institute, delivered by copywriting guru – Christopher Melotti. Melotti Media link

Here are 7 tips that we have taken from Chris’s seminar to help you create engaging copy for your business. Also remember when its comes to great copy and content, practice is paramount as well as refining technique based on past campaign learnings.


7 Tips for creating engaging copy for your business:


  1. It’s ALWAYS about your audience – what does your audience want to know? How does your content enrich them?
  2. White space is good! Make things easy to read for your audience. While clear, concise copy that engages is vita, FORMATTING is equally as important. Make formatting easy to read by using headings, bullet points and white space between copy chunks.
  3. Align your content to your business strategy.
  4. Always be driving back to your website.
  5. Mobile optimise everything. Speak the right language, adjust copy and format according to the platform ie, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Video or Podcasts.
  6. Respond and interact with your audience.
  7. Once more, always keep in mind – AUDIENCE first.


Hope these tips help you to write powerful copy that cuts through and reaches your audience. If you need any help to create engaging content that reaches your audience and delivers results CONTACT US


AUTHOR: Kim MacDonald, Principal of Spindrift Marketing, a Sydney based Marketing Consultancy. Spindrift Marketing helps businesses thrive by creating marketing strategies and plans that deliver business priorities as well as implementing on behalf of their clients by providing a full suite of outsourced marketing, brand management, customer experience and business development services.

Kim MacDonald is a marketing, brand and business development specialist with over 20 years experience working for multinational organisations, across a range of industries in both Australia and the UK. She has also founded, launched and managed two successful SME businesses.