The ultimate marketing “health check” for your business.



How will a Brand and SEO Audit help my business? 

  • By making sure your business brand is consistent and is working with maximum impact
  • Ensure your business website is optimised and helping to drive the right traffic to your site
  • By providing an objective, external, ‘sanity check’ on your current self-managed marketing plan
  • Look at your competitors, how could you learn from their successes and failures?
  • Clarify which marketing activities should stay, go, need a bit of tweaking
  • Identify market gaps, what aren’t you doing that could help take your business to the next level?


 Spindrift Marketing’s Brand and SEO audits include: 

 1. An information gathering and assessment with one of our experienced marketing consultants.   

  2. Review Marketing/Brand Current Position: 

  • Your marketing goals
  • Current customers and ideal customers
  • Current brand identity and execution of brand
  • Analysis of all current customer/client touchpoints ie: social media pages, marketing collateral, store- front, LinkedIn pages.
  • Current marketing activity

 3. SEO Audit of one website:

  •  Check your site’s health
  •  Prioritise SEO issues and decide what to fix first
  •  Find and fix hreflang mistakes
  •  Speed check
  •  Security and HTTPS checks
  •  Detect amp issues
  •  Organic keywords
  •  Backlink report
  •  Check H1, H2 titles, meta descriptions

 4. Final meeting to present your Brand and SEO Audit findings and six recommendations for your business.



  •   A clear approach to brand and marketing positioning 
  •  Ensure your website’s SEO is performing optimally 
  • Define your key marketing messages 
  •  Define your ideal target markets 
  •  Provide six recommendations for future marketing tactics 
  •  Recommend your marketing budget and how to track and measure the ROI from your marketing activities


What’s next ? You decide. You may decide to take the marketing and brand audit recommendations and implement yourself or you may choose to work with one of our marketing consultants to manage the outputs for you; which may include, rebranding, website upgrades, online advertising, creating a content plan, producing a business video etc.


  BRAND and SEO AUDIT,   $650.00 including GST.   


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