Stay focused on what matters with a marketing plan.


Why does your business need a marketing plan?  

  • To provide your business with a clear and easy to follow path forwards. 
  • To allow your business to be agile and take advantage of all business opportunities that arise. 
  • To keep you one step ahead of your competitors. 
  • To keep the focus on business goals and priorities, and more importantly helping to achieve these goals faster. 
  • To ensure that your business messages cut through the noise, reach your desired audience and prompt action or outcomes.


Your business’s marketing plan is your unique blueprint and must be tightly aligned to your overall business plan. It contains all the elements needed to market your business and key business messages to a specified audience or audiences, through a specified channel, within a specified timeframe, budget and pre-determined criteria to measure ROI.  


What will my marketing plan, created by Spindrift Marketing include? 

Your marketing plan will include a clear plan of action with achievable campaigns, messages, channels, timeframes, budget allocation and importantly a review mechanism, capturing results, ROI and an analysis capability, allowing your business to take learnings from what works and what doesn’t work.  


Specifically your Marketing Plan will include:


  • Information gathering meeting with you/your team to define your business goals, priorities, current market position and desired future market position
  • Review of your current branding, customers and competitors
  • Target marketing and developing key messages
  • Developing campaigns that build awareness and demand
  • Creating marketing tactics such as video testimonials, podcasts, LinkedIn strategy, online PR
  • Researching key events and networking or key speaker opportunities
  • Manage the creative process, e.g. new marketing collateral, website, graphic design
  • Business development process and recommended sales tools
  • Managing distribution of thought leadership content through various marketing channels
  • Create an activity calendar
  • Marketing Plan and recommendations on the “way forward ” meeting with you/your team  



What will it cost?

 A detailed Marketing and Content Plan with an activity calendar covering the following 12 months. The calendar details a month by month detailed breakdown of each activity, including budget, timing, channel/s, project manager, measurement mechanism/ROI analysis.  


From $550.00 including GST.  CONTACT US for further details and/or to start the discussion on how we can help your business create an outcome focused marketing and content plan.

Once I have my marketing and content plan, then what? 

That’s up to you. You may decide to take your Marketing and Content Plan and implement yourself or you may choose to hand over the implementation of the entire marketing plan/or specific campaigns, to one of our experienced marketing consultants, on a permanent or flexible, casual basis to manage. We provide tailor made implementation packages for businesses who don’t have the time and/or expertise to execute plans. Find out more about our outsourced marketing packages HERE.



Spindrift Marketing helps businesses by providing marketing, branding and content management services that deliver results.

Our team of marketing consultants are highly skilled and combine marketing experience with real business insight. We can help your business thrive.


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