A good marketing plan starts with your business plan. We align your 12-month business goals with a strategic marketing plan that’ll make your business vision a reality.

Why do you need a marketing plan? 

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Your marketing plan is a unique blueprint and will keep you focused on business priorities. As well as:

  • Providing a clear and easy-to-follow growth path
  • Keeping your business two steps ahead of competitors
  • Ensuring your business messages cut through the noise

To find out how our marketing consultants can develop your winning marketing plan.

What will your marketing plan include? 

All the elements you need to get key business messages to a particular audience, through the right channel, within a specified timeframe and budget. 

More importantly, your plan will include a system to capture results, so we can optimise along the way for measurable ROI.  

The value and benefit we gain from Spindrift Marketing’s ability to both plan our marketing strategy and execute is immense.

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The Spindrift Marketing process in three steps

1. Research phase.

Collating your business goals and market position. Review of your current branding, customers and competitors.

2. Campaigns, tools & tactics.

Developing key messages and developing campaigns and identifying opportunities that drive growth and demand, by leveraging the right channels, tools and tactics.


3. Roll out.

Managing the creative and distribution process, recommending the right sales tools and creating your activity calendar for the year.

What’s the outcome?

A detailed Marketing and Content Plan with an activity calendar covering the following 12 months. Each month includes a detailed breakdown of each activity, including budget, timing, channel/s, project manager and measurement mechanism.

You may decide to take your Marketing and Content Plan and implement yourself, or you can hand over the management to one of our experienced marketing consultants, on a flexible, casual basis.

Pricing starts from $1500.00 PLUS GST.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business create an outcome focused marketing and content plan.

Our expert marketing consultants can also help you with:



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Consulting & Mentoring


Consulting & Mentoring


Spindrift Marketing helps businesses by providing marketing, branding and content management services that deliver results.

Our team of marketing consultants are highly skilled and combine marketing experience with real business insight. We can help your business soar.


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