Small Business Marketing Scan, Plan & Act 


Our Small Business Marketing Scan, Plan & Act services are for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need help prioritising what they need to get the biggest bang for their marketing “buck”. 

Are you ready to watch your business soar?

Spindrift Marketing Plans

We understand that many small businesses and start-ups have limited resources, making it important not to waste time and money on marketing strategies, that just don’t work. The real trick is identifying and applying the right mix of digital marketing strategies and tactics and execute them consistently for your business to stand out and attract the customers you want.  

This is exactly what our Small Business Scan, Plan & Act services are designed to deliver. 

ALL in support of achieving your business’s unique goals, objectives, and purpose.

Our Small Business Scan, Plan & Act services at a glance:



3. ACT


What does your business need? All four OR just a few, it’s up to you!

What’s the outcome for your business?  

  Achieve your business goals 

  Get the maximum impact from your marketing efforts

  Ensure your business has the right marketing tactics in place

  Attract the right customers and convert into sales 

  Avoid wasting your valuable time and money on marketing that doesn’t convert 


Thorough marketing review of your business, recommendations, strategy workshop and summary report


A deep dive into your:

  • Business brand positioning, awareness, target audience (current and desired) and USP
  • All business channels and touchpoints; both digital and physical to determine how well they are serving your business
  • Current and any past marketing, PR, and campaign/s activity 
  • Review five of your key competitors – brand positioning, profile, and marketing activity


    •  Recommendations and findings from the review phase.
    • A workshop with you (and/or your team) to present findings, recommendations, draft marketing plan as well as validating strategies and brainstorming new ideas with you. This workshop session can be held in-person or via zoom.
    • A summary report provided with prioritised actions and costings to develop your next steps and implement any recommendations.

      SCAN – Spindrift Marketing fee: $1500.00 PLUS GST


      12 month Marketing Plan

      Bespoke marketing plans include:

      • Marketing goals for 12-month period.
      • 12-month calendar of tactical marketing, campaign/s, and content activities to support marketing goals.
      • Each activity will have a specified goal, timing, budget required to deliver and mechanism to measure ROI. 

      As an indication some of the activities may include: 

      A brand re-fresh, digital campaigns, email marketing, social media marketing (organic and paid), identify “amplifiers” who could broaden your target audience reach, explore new business touchpoints like video & podcasts, PR, loyalty marketing.

      PLAN – Spindrift Marketing fee: $1500.00 PLUS GST

       Find out more about how we can help your business design a custom made marketing plan go to:  Marketing Plans that set your business apart

      The value and benefit we gain from Spindrift Marketing’s ability to both plan our marketing strategy and execute is immense.

      George Papadopoulos, Lucid Health Consulting


      Ongoing marketing, design, and website support to implement your recommendations, marketing plan and ad-hoc projects

      We have an in-house team of talented marketing consultants project, managers and creative specialists; as well as trusted partners, available to deliver your marketing plan, implement recommendations and assist with ad-hoc projects. 

      Our team have a proven track record and years of experience delivering marketing projects that engage leads at every stage of the sales funnel.

       We’ve worked with small and medium-sized companies, in countless industries and verticals – both B2B and B2C, in areas such as, website builds or re-design, email campaigns, social media campaigns, PR, SEO, Google Ads and more.

      ACT – Spindrift Marketing fee: Quoted on a project-by-project basis


      You’ve got your plan but you and/or your team need to tap into additional expertise support from time to time.

      You’ve got your plan but you and/or your team need to tap into additional expertise support from time to time.

      Our marketing coaching services are customized specifically for your needs and help you implement the right marketing for your business. Marketing coaching services provided by our founder and principal, Kim MacDonald. 

      If you are a small business owner with wonderful talents and a credible business but you find it difficult to attract new customers and clients, let’s work together to define the marketing coaching services that will work for you. These value-packed coaching sessions are affordable alternatives for small business owners who need some occasional help.

      How do marketing coaching sessions work?

      1. You pick the topic and explain your situation or problem via email prior to your conversation with Kim.

      2. Kim will review your situation and prepare my recommendations.

      3. We schedule a 60-minute/90-minute/4-hour zoom session or in-person meeting with you/your team where we discuss your situation and the recommended solution.

      4. Kim will provide you with action items to work on as well as email support over the next 5 business days to keep you unstuck.

      5. If via Zoom, you’ll receive a recording of our zoom session within 24 hours for future reference. 

      Fees below:

      Spindrift Marketing fees

      1 hour

      Spindrift Marketing COACHING & ACCOUNTABILITY service fee:


      plus GST

      (includes 30 minutes preparation)

      2 hours  

      Spindrift Marketing COACHING & ACCOUNTABILITY service fee:


      plus GST

      (includes 60 minutes preparation)

      4 hours

      Spindrift Marketing COACHING & ACCOUNTABILITY service fee:


      plus GST

      (includes 90 minutes preparation)

      client testimonials

      We recently engaged Spindrift Marketing to conduct a marketing SCAN for our Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic in Chatswood. We started this business about 2 years ago and felt that it was time to start putting in some more effort into our marketing efforts but didn’t know where to start. Kim at Spindrift Marketing suggested that we engage then to perform a SCAN of our business. Kim presented her SCAN findings to us in an engaging, interactive and easy to understand way and presented us with an actionable list of next steps and recommendations to help us move forward. We found the entire process and the presentation to be enjoyable as well as informative. It gave the team an opportunity to sit back and reflect on our business goals and what we wanted our marketing to deliver. It uncovered gaps in our branding and touchpoints, identified numerous opportunities we could capitalise on, pointed out competitor activity that we should be aware of and ideas for marketing initiatives moving forward. We now have a marketing plan and action list in place and feel energised about our business marketing. I would highly recommend any business owner to engage Spindrift Marketing to complete a SCAN for their business.

      David McNaughton PhD, Director, and Principal Chiropractor

      DMC Health & Wellness

      Visit DMC Health & Wellness website: Chatswood Chiropractor | DMC Health & Wellness

      We approached Spindrift Marketing for some help with my marketing channels and what they delivered were some great insights and plans on how to move forward. They performed a thorough marketing audit and review of our business, including looking at our business touchpoints and provided feedback on each. I realised that my marketing messages weren’t tailored to a specific audience but rather to all my audiences, and this wasn’t converting to the sales numbers was trying to achieve. I now have a plan of what to fix, how to fix it and how to build a longer-term strategy. I will likely engage Kim again to check on how we’re performing against the new strategy. Thanks for your time and excellent advice Kim.

      Robin DeLuca, Managing Director

      IMPower Coaching, Sydney

      Visit IMPower Coaching website IMPower Coaching – Home

      We engaged Kim from Spindrift Marketing to conduct a marketing audit and review of our architecture business. The work she delivered has given us a great overview of our business, market, and prospects/customers. It identified our marketing strengths and weaknesses as well as helped us to see what’s currently working and what isn’t. Kim presented this information to us in a way that was easy to understand, and her marketing recommendations are helping us to make solid decisions about where we should put our resources in the future.

      Wayne Farmilio, Founder and Principal Architect 

      Willoughby Architects, Sydney.

      Visit Willoughby Architects website: Willoughby Architects – Sydney’s Favourite Architects in the North Shore


      Spindrift Marketing helps businesses by providing marketing, branding and content management services that deliver results.

      Our team of marketing consultants are highly skilled and combine marketing experience with real business insight. We can help your business soar.


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