In the world of marketing and branding, the goalposts are always moving. From new platforms, new algorithms to new research and tools, business owners are constantly challenged to quickly adapt to make the most out of their marketing activity. If your business results aren’t what you expect, a marketing review will help you identify where any problems lie.

What’s a marketing review?

A marketing review is a deep-dive review of your existing marketing assets, activities and touchpoints (i.e., website, social media pages, premises if applicable) to determine how well they are serving your business. A marketing review will provide your small business with valuable information to help you clearly identify – what is working and what is not working. So, you can reassign your resources (money or time) towards initiatives that work.


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What’s the outcome of a marketing review?

It will provide you with an accurate guide to move forward by pinpointing the right mix of digital marketing strategies and tactics tailored specifically for your unique business needs. This will allow you to implement consistently, so that your business stands out and attracts the customers you want!


Identify the right mix of marketing strategies and tactics for your business!


Here are just some of the insights a marketing review may uncover:


1. Your marketing efforts and spend are not aligned to your business goals

If your marketing activities are not getting you closer towards achieving your business goals, then, either the goals are not valid, or you are spending time and money on things that aren’t of value.


  • You have too many business and/or marketing goals and not enough resources to successfully achieve them.
  • Your marketing goals weren’t focused on outcomes that deliver on your business goals.
  • Your marketing activities aren’t aligned with your purpose, values and brand


2. Identification of which marketing activities are working, and which are not

Sometimes it is difficult to see which your activities are positively affecting your business success. A fresh pair of experienced eyes on your activities provides insight into what is happening and why you aren’t capturing the attention and interest of your target market. Sometimes it only takes a small adjustment. Other times we may recommend discarding the entire activity and starting over.


3. You are attracting the wrong target audience, or it may have changed

As your business grows and matures, your ideal client often evolves. As you get a clearer perspective on your business, you begin to attract an audience that values what you have to offer, but are your attracting the right audience?  Maybe it’s time to adjust your target market and tweak your offering to attract a new, more lucrative market.


4. Your brand is inconsistent across your touchpoints

Over time you may forget how you represented your brand on a particular platform as you continually put out content create social media profiles. A consistent brand both visually, in tone of voice and projected values, is a must if you want to be memorable and gain trust from your potential prospects.

It is important that your brand is consistent, so that no matter where someone finds your business, they are left with a compelling, lasting and consistent impression of your business and offering.


5. Your website isn’t converting or coming up in Google Searches

Your business website needs to be captivating, mobile responsive and communicate value to your target audience. Without a well-optimized, quality website, your visibility is compromised.

Create a compelling website and invest in search engine optimisation. This is the first step in establishing a strong web presence. Your website is the central focal point of all of your online marketing efforts, especially your inbound marketing strategy. It is where you can regularly post relevant, brand-related content which you can then promote via social media platforms to drive more inbound leads.


Now it’s time to adjust and implement recommendations

Utilising the insights and data highlighted from your marketing review, you will be able to:

  • Confidently continue to focus on what’s working and stop wasting time on what’s not
  • Focus on new activities, social media platforms and/or target audiences that produce better results
  • Allocate your marketing budget (and time spent on marketing!) to where it will give your business the “biggest bang for your buck”
  • Prioritise and streamline your marketing activity so you are working more productively
  • Improve your brand consistency across all touchpoints
  • Drive more of the “right” visitors to your website and increase conversions!



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