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Now is the PERFECT time to create your 2024 Marketing Plan


As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024, it’s important for you to reflect on the year that was and start to plan for 2024. To put a business plan and marketing plan in place.

A well-thought-out marketing plan is your roadmap to guide you towards achieving your 2024 objectives. It’s also key in helping you navigate the uncertainties that will arise along the way.



Here are six reasons why investing time and effort into business planning is important:

1. Setting Clear Objectives: By having a clear vision of what you want to achieve for the year (both short-term and long-term goal), you start the new year on the best footing with a clear sense of direction.

2. Resource Allocation: Knowing where to allocate your budget, manpower, and time optimises resources, prevents waste and promotes productivity.

3. Risk Mitigation: The business landscape is dynamic, and uncertainties are inevitable. Your business plan enables you to identify potential risks and have strategies to mitigate them.

4.  Financial Planning:  Financial stability is the backbone of any successful business. Business planning involves forecasting revenues, budgeting, and looking at the financials from the previous year.

5. Enhancing Accountability: Your business plan defines roles and responsibilities, fostering accountability and creating a sense of ownership for tasks.


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6. Reflection and learnings from the past year:  Part of your business planning process should include looking back and reflecting. This allows an objective opportunity to re-evaluate your decisions and to actively practice, broaden, and deepen your skills. Then the most important part …… applying this knowledge to your 2024 business plan!

Now let’s delve into how to create your own, unique, winning marketing plan


Here’s our simple 3-STEP guide to create your 2024 Marketing Plan.




Start with the big picture



  • Define your 2024 business goals and priorities
  • Confirm which services and/or products you wish to push
  • Who are your competitors and what are they doing?
  • Any opportunities or threats on the horizon?
  • Who are your ideal clients/customers? What are their needs? What are their pain points? How can you stay relevant? Are your existing customers looking for something that your business isn’t providing?
  • What worked last year and what didn’t? Review and implement learnings!
  • What’s are your revenue targets, your budget spend and ROI targets?




Brainstorm and formulate ideas and tactics



  • For each idea think about who you are wanting to reach?
  • What do you want to say and how is the best way to say it as well as engage?
  • What response are you looking for or want would you like them to do?
  • Which channel/s or platform/s offers the most effective reach?
  • What will be your clear “call to action” and language you will use to really grab the attention of your audience and to engage


Set achievable tasks



Assign each task/activity/campaign/project with a:

  • Goal
  • Time
  • Measurement criteria
  • Who is responsible for delivery (could be a combination of internal staff and outsourcing experts)
  • Budget



In conclusion, as we step into the new year, businesses that invest time and effort into strategic planning are better positioned for success. A marketing plan is not just a document; it’s a dynamic tool that empowers you and your business to adapt, grow, and thrive in an ever-changing business landscape. By embracing the importance of business planning, businesses can turn their aspirations into reality and set the stage for a prosperous future. And hit the ground running in 2024!



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About the Author:  Kim MacDonald is the Founder and Director of Spindrift Marketing.

Kim is a Marketing, Brand Management and Business Development Specialist who understands the importance of strong alignment between marketing strategy and business priorities. She has over 30 years of marketing experience across the entire marketing lifecycle, in a range of top tier multinational organisations, in industries including Professional Services, Airlines, Financial Services, High Tech, Legal Firms, and MedTech in both Australia and the UK. Kim founded Spindrift Marketing almost six years ago, with the goal of providing small businesses throughout Australia with access to affordable marketing services and solutions that make a difference.

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