Starting a new business is exciting and scary at the same time. As a new business owner, you are faced with a steep learning curve. Navigating all things business related, like financials, legals, supply chains, compliance, marketing….an ongoing list. However, the hardest challenge you will face is often, finding your first client or customer. 


Getting that first customer is a significant milestone that can set the stage for your business’s success. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through some practical steps to help you attract and convert your first customer. Kickstarting your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.


Define Your Target Market:


We always bang on about this on, for good reason. Before you start trying to reach, connect, engage and then convert clients, it’s crucial to define your target market. By understanding who your ideal customer is, their needs, preferences, and pain points, you’ll be better able to attract them.


Create A Compelling Value Proposition:



Get your value proposition defined, it will help you focus your energy and activity in the right direction. A clear value proposition sets you apart from your competitors and convinces potential clients to choose your business. Clearly articulate the unique benefits and value that your business offers (use defined pain points from above). Focus on how your product or service solves a problem or fulfils a need for your target audience.



dart hitting the bulls eye


Network, Network, Network:  



Tap into your existing network of contacts and make new contacts. Join local business networking groups and events. Participate in workshops, conferences, and industry events related to your field. These gatherings provide opportunities to network, learn from industry leaders, as well as potentially meet prospective clients who are actively seeking solutions in your domain.


Participate in workshops, conferences, and industry events related to your field. These gatherings provide numerous opportunities. 


Develop a Branded Online Presence for your Business:



Create a professional website (or even start with a landing page) that showcases your offerings. As well as highlights your expertise, how to contact you, buy your products/services and to start your searchability on search engines. Establish profiles on relevant social media platforms and set up a Google My Business Page. To actively engage with your target audience. Also, share valuable content, participate in industry discussions or group, and start to build awareness and relationships with potential clients.


Create Compelling Marketing Materials:



Craft persuasive on-brand marketing materials, such as a well-written pitch, an eye-catching portfolio, branded social media tiles, a video to showcase how you solve your target audiences’ problems, and a compelling case study. These materials will help you showcase your skills, expertise, and the value you bring to your clients.



Collaborate with Complementary Businesses:




At Spindrift Marketing, we love collaborating with other like-minded business, it’s such a great opportunity to share, learn and grow! Identify other businesses or professionals that serve the same target audience and offer complementary services or products. Explore partnerships or collaborations where you can refer clients to each other.  And share tips to grow. This can help you gain exposure to a broader audience and attract potential clients.


Offer a Special Promotion or Incentive:



To attract your first client, consider offering a special promotion or incentive. This could be a discounted price, a free trial, or additional services. Such offers can encourage potential clients to take a chance on your business and experience the value you provide.




Cold Outreach and Direct Marketing:



Explore the option of doing a cold outreach campaign. Albeit, it’s not an easy one to master and must be planned carefully. Developing a compelling elevator pitch is key to starting a new business. One you have this in place prepare a personalised message that highlights the specific benefits your business offers. Use email, phone calls, or even social media messages to introduce yourself and your business, explaining how you can help them solve their problems.


Track and Analyse ALL Your Efforts:



Track your marketing and outreach efforts to determine which strategies are working best for you. Then you know what works and what doesn’t. Use the data you have!  Continuously refine your approach based on the insights gained from tracking and analysing your efforts.


Track your marketing and outreach efforts to determine which strategies are working best 


Be Persistent and Stay Positive:



Getting your first client may take time, and you will more than likely face rejection and obstacles along the way. This is all part of the start-up business journey. Also, stay persistent and maintain a positive attitude. Learn from each experience, adapt your approach, and keep refining your strategies.




Collect and Showcase Testimonials:



As you start getting customers, gather their feedback and testimonials. Positive testimonials can build trust and credibility, especially for a new business. Display these testimonials on your website and social media to enhance your reputation.



In Summary… Getting your first customer is a significant milestone. By understanding your target audience inside and out, creating a compelling value proposition, building a branded online presence and building a supportive network, you will attract those initial clients or customers. Keep focused on refining your approach and being resilient to the challenges you face, and adaptable, and with time, your business will gain momentum and grow. 

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About the Author:  Kim MacDonald is the Founder and Director of Spindrift Marketing. Kim is a Marketing, Brand Management and Business Development Specialist who understands the importance of strong alignment between marketing strategy and business priorities. She has over 30 years of marketing experience across the entire marketing lifecycle, in a range of top tier multinational organisations, in industries including Professional Services, Airlines, Financial Services, High Tech, Legal Firms, and MedTech in both Australia and the UK. Kim founded Spindrift Marketing almost six years ago, with the goal of providing small businesses throughout Australia with access to affordable marketing services and solutions that make a difference.

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