The biggest social media trends for 2020


These are the biggest social media trends you need to know about for 2020 according to Convince & Convert’s social media team.


We have read the article and our key take out is in:  Social Media Trend #7,  B2B content marketing.


Covering B2B content but its also relevant to all businesses who use social media as part of the marketing mix. Its a timely reminder as most businesses are now putting together their overall marketing plans for 2020.


Trend #7 says, ” it’s vital for marketers to treat their strategies on each social media channel as distinct and specific to the needs of their unique audiences, since social content is absolutely not one-size-fits-all”.


Many businesses we meet replicate the exact same content from one social media channel (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest) to another without adapting/tweaking to the audience. When planning for 2020 remember to adapt your content for each social media channel so that it accurately targets your desired audience with what they want to hear/need to know/find useful.


See the full article –  The Biggest Social Media Trends for 2020

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